About Woodkin

the Brand

Our logo was designed to illustrate the process of turning timber blocs into rounded smooth shapes.

Timber is such an amazing natural resource, and so much of its beauty is within. Our aim is to draw out that beauty, and a natural, tactile and simple way. As well as its visual beauty, it has a warmth and organic feel that is important to us. We cringe everytime we see timber being lacquered with layers of synthetic substances that are aimed to ‘protect’ the piece. All it really does is preserve it visually, and the downside is that you now have a plastic coated product that is bad for you and the environment.

We much prefer leaving the timber as natural as possible, and only use a small amount of organic coconut oil and organic beeswax where needed. Overtime, your Woodkin piece will develop its own natural patina, and will only grow in beauty and warmth.

We invest a lot of time into each piece, we hope you’ll take your time in selecting the piece that best suits you.


Designed by: 

Jeremy Ham

Jeremy started life growing up on the beautiful Illawarra escarpment, where he was surrounded by bush and trees a plenty! He was always interested in building things, and would use the limited tools available to accomplish his ideas. This same workflow and vision runs through his creative process now, using simple, low tech solutions.

Jeremy has a background in Visual Arts, and Graphic Design and New Media. He is also a keen photographer. When he is not creating pieces for Woodkin, he likes surfing, diving, and spending time with family.

Jessica Ham

Jess has always had an affinity for natural and environmentally friendly materials. As a very tactile person, she give everything a good testing before it is made available for others.

Jess provides much of the ideas and vision for Woodkin pieces.